Notice of Unauthorized Dealer: VanPak Ltd.


Dear Valued Customers:

This letter is to inform you that Vanpak Ltd. of Ontario is not an authorized dealer of RAW branded products. We strongly recommend that you purchase RAW branded products from our authorized distribution partners.

HBI does not directly sell its RAW branded products to this entity and has not authorized any of its resellers, distributors or retailers to sell to this entity. These products may be defective, damaged, counterfeit products, stolen goods, or products obtained through secondary “grey” market channels. “Grey marketing” is the diversion of goods, originally intended for sale only in certain countries, to other countries where they were not intended to be sold. In addition, these products may contravene Canadian Federal and provincial labelling and packaging laws.

HBI makes no representation as to the authenticity, quality, or safety of the products being offered for sale by Vanpak Ltd. HBI has no control over the handling, storage or sourcing of these products and as such offers no warranties or guarantees, express or otherwise, as to the authenticity, quality or safety of these products.

Our company has determined that in order to preserve its reputation for providing customers with high value smoking-related products and to enhance its brands and its competitiveness in the marketplace, our company must exercise a greater degree of control over the sale of products through unauthorized dealers.

It is fully your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the reseller you purchase from is an authorized dealer. To locate an authorized dealer for our company’s products, including RAW branded products, please contact us via our website



HBI Canada